Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) in Utah

Stay ahead of security threats with best-in-class CCTV technology from CTI Electric.

Picture Perfect Security: Commercial Video Surveillance Systems From CTI Electric

At CTI Electric, we understand security is of the utmost importance to you. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to CCTV, delivering cost-effective and efficient surveillance systems for commercial properties throughout the Beehive State.

Person installing a CCTV camera on the side of the building

Competitive Pricing

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable CCTV solutions. That’s why we offer highly competitive pricing to make sure you get the best possible value for your investment. With our budget-friendly CCTV solutions, you can rest assured knowing your property is protected without breaking the bank.

IC Realtime Distributor

As an IC real-time CCTV distributor, CTI Electric is committed to providing you with the latest and most advanced systems available on the market. We understand the ways in which security threats are constantly evolving, which is why we stay up to date with the latest innovations. With our robust CCTV technology, you can expect to receive high-quality video surveillance that captures every detail—even in low-light conditions.

24/7 Support

Your security is paramount, and we go the extra mile to ensure your CCTV system always runs at optimal performance. We even offer comprehensive troubleshooting and programming services to ensure that your CCTV system is always functioning flawlessly. Whether you’re experiencing technical difficulties or simply need help with programming or maintenance, our expert team is here to help you out.

See the CTI Difference With Real-Time Analytics

Our CCTV systems are equipped with intelligent features such as motion detection and facial recognition, ensuring you’re alerted to any suspicious activity in real-time. Don’t leave the security of your property to chance—contact CTI Electric today!

Eye Spy: CTI Electric’s CCTV Services

At CTI Electric, we are dedicated to providing you with end-to-end CCTV solutions, from design to installation and everything in between.

  • Design: We offer customized design of CCTV systems based on your unique security requirements.
  • Installation: At CTI Electric, we employ a team of skilled technicians who specialize in the professional installation of CCTV systems.
  • Troubleshooting: We provide comprehensive troubleshooting services to quickly identify and resolve any technical issues with your CCTV system and encourage minimal downtime.
  • Programming: Our programming services ensure your CCTV system is tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences, giving you complete control over your security.

Your Top Choice for CCTV Installation in Utah

Our security teams are certified Installer/Integrator’s for Vindicator Technologies systems, which are deployed worldwide. With our vindicator system, you can have peace of mind knowing your assets are always secure.

Case Study: 24/7 Peace of Mind

As a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions, CTI was approached by an industrial wholesale client who had experienced ongoing issues with theft. After conducting a thorough assessment of the building and property, we identified vulnerable areas and proposed a state-of-the-art CCTV system as a deterrent to potential thieves. Following the installation of the CCTV system, they experienced a significant reduction in theft incidents, stating: “[CTI] has provided us with peace of mind knowing that our business is protected 24/7.” With our customized security solutions, you can protect your hard-earned profits and gain peace of mind knowing your premises are safe.

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